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Welcome to Angels Den in the North East

Region Covers : Northumberland, County Durham, Tyne & Wear, Tees Valley

Investment Opportunities : Local, UK & Asia

Regional Manager
Raymond McLennan
T : 0203 318 0230 ext 25
E :

Raymond inherited his work ethic from his parents who owned and ran pubs and hotels and "encouraged" him and his brothers & sister to help out at every level. After winning the bob-a-job cup 3 years in a row in the early 70s Raymond has started a variety of businesses involving beer/wine importing, restaurants, hair dressing salons, coffee shops and a travel agency. At one time he employed 150 people before selling that business after receiving an offer he couldnt refuse. He has invested in a variety of businesses since then and loves to see good ideas flourish.

Raymond has a law degree and a legal diploma from Edinburgh University a specific interest in intellectual property. He is the author of 3 business books and the co-founder of the Copyright Protection Agency. He believes outsourcing and delegation are one of the keys to a successful business life.

If you are interested in investing in brilliant start-ups and SMEs with plans for high future growth, or simply want to find out more about Angels Den, please contact Raymond.


SpeedFunding™ events regularly run throughout the UK and Asia and are a great way to hear from a range of exciting businesses looking for investment. See below for dates in the North East or further afield. Click here to view all events.

Angel Clubs

Angel Clubs are made up of motivated members who wish to actively invest in deals. Club membership allows you to co-invest smaller individual amounts, spreading your portfolio across a range of investments and share due diligence costs, whilst also enabling those with more limited experience to learn about Angel Investment. Click here to find out more about our Angel Clubs.


Angels Den is the only investment network offering free Masterclasses to its Angel Investors, aiming to make them the most well informed and savvy investors. Click here to find out more about our Masterclasses.