SpeedFunding™ For Angels

It’s fast, it’s furious and it gets results; Angels Den SpeedFunding™ is unique. There is no other place where you would get the chance to have a variety of entrepreneurs individually pitch to you in one evening and be able to ask them anything you like without the rest of the room listening.

Read more about how it works below and register to keep up to date with events near to you.

If you don't think SpeedFunding™ is for you and would perhaps prefer to arrange a free Private Viewing or join an Angel Club, please get in touch to discuss the options available to you with your Regional Manager.

SpeedFunding™ Format
SpeedFunding™ operates on a one-to-one basis. Each Angel is assigned a table of their own and each entrepreneur has under five minutes to pitch to the Angel, followed by a short Q&A session, before moving on to the next Angel's table. Pitch time is limited as Angels have told us that they usually make a decision as to whether the idea is of interest to them in the first couple of minutes of meeting an entrepreneur.

Once pitching has finished, Angels Den gather Angel feedback and relay it anonymously to the entrepreneur. If an Angel has indicated they would like to take discussions further then they are introduced again. Relaxing over a glass of wine, both Angels and entrepreneurs have a chance to network and, if relevant, talk in more detail about their business proposal.

The format of SpeedFunding™ is efficient and keeps the pace and momentum of the event high. Most Angels say it’s the most exhilarating hour of their month and whilst not every business will be for you, typically 90% of Angels attending find at least one business they are interested in investing in.

Prepared Entrepreneurs
As well as reviewing their business plan before a company can pitch at SpeedFunding™, Angels Den encourage entrepreneurs to attend a Pitch School session prior to the event. These sessions are designed to guide entrepreneurs on what makes a good pitch and helps ensure they include the relevant information you want to hear.

Experience SpeedFunding™ for Yourself

Hard to describe in words, the best way to find out more about SpeedFunding™ is to come along to one of the events that are held on a regular basis in London, throughout the UK and in Asia.

All Angels who attend SpeedFunding™ need to be registered with Angels Den. If you are already registered, click register today to become part of the Angels Den Angel Network or get in touch with your local Regional Manager.


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