All About Angel Investors

Our Angel Investors come from all walks of life but one thing they have in common is money and the desire to help a smaller business grow. The other important thing about our Angels is that they have signed a confidentiality agreement and certified as qualifying under the Financial Service Act definition of a suitable investor.

We have over 4,000 Angels making us one of the largest Angel groups in the world. Here are some of the key types of Angels who are members with us.

Experienced Angels and syndicates

  • Experienced business people with contacts and track record
  • Own investment groups in place covering different disciplines
  • Lead person does fairly extensive due diligence
  • Often install a part time Director to help the business

Entrepreneurial Angels

  • From all walks of life, may have made their money in business or property development or elsewhere
  • Lone investors or looking to co-invest
  • Often invest in the more unusual businesses
  • Prepared to “take a gamble” on more unorthodox business ideas

Angel Clubs

  • Using Angels Den to search for deals for their groups of 10 or more Angels, including our own staff who select deals for our Angel Club and Tech Club events


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