Beermat Funding

For many years we’ve been great fans of the Beermat concept. We believe that there is so much information bombarding people every day that is unnecessarily complex and people don’t have time to understand it. Therefore the more straightforward, jargon-free you can keep things the better for everyone. This is the premise of the range of books from by Mike Southon and Chris West.

The original Beermat book, "The Beermat Entrepreneur" is a bestseller, and recommended by business leaders worldwide. It's an acknowledged classic- oh, and it's an easy read too. If you're trying to start a business, you probably haven't got the time to read 800 pages of impenetrable text.

"I recommend it to any aspiring entrepreneur"
Charles Dunstone, Founder, Carphone Warehouse

"The Beermat Entrepreneur" is a step-by-step guide to starting up and running a successful company; from its birth as an idea on the back of a beermat through to a flourishing enterprise with 20 or more employees.

Mike Southon also has a column in the FT on small businesses and is a well known speaker. Fortunately he's also now a great advocate of Angels Den. Last time I heard him he said "there's really nowhere else to go for funding".

Earlier this year needed some expansion funding and pitched, just once, at our SpeedFunding event in London. An Angel was interested on the night and within weeks he had invested the full amount they were looking for.


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