Case Studies

Read the stories of a selection of the businesses that have successfully raised funding through Angels Den. If you are inspired by what you read and would like to be part of the success stories of the future, register for free with Angels Den today. 

Virtual Signage

After pitching at a Manchester Angel Club event, Virtual Signage got investment in only 8 weeks from their 3 investors.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions pitched at Birmingham SpeedFunding and a London Angel Club event and gained multiple investors. Read more about their journey.

Step Up To Languages

Find out why joining Angels Den was the best investment Step Up To Languages would ever make!


Read all about how having an investor has opened doors for StyleCard.

W2 Products

Read more about how W2 gained 16 shareholders and a new NED chairman after pitched at the London Angel Club.

Strictly Private & Confidential Deal

Read more about this strictly private and confidential deal.


Read more about how OVIVO got their investment within 2 short weeks.

J G Findlay Ltd

Read more about how after the banks turned him down, James was able to find the funding he required through an angel investor.

North Sea Recovery Ltd

North Sea Recovery Ltd had previously successfully raised funds with Angels Den so came to us straight away when a further round of funding was required. Read more...

Intelligent Positioning

Read more about how Intelligent Positioning got funded through our Tech Club.


Read more about how PoetryZoo got the funding they needed to get their start-up off the ground.

Supreme Biotech

Supreme Biotech had a number of angel investors interested after pitching at a London Angel Club event and secured the funds required in only a couple of months. Read more

Seek & Adore

Seek & Adore attended a SpeedFunding™ event and within a week she had a confirmed investor for the business. Read more received an offer in principle from an Angel Investor within one week! Read more

Gay Star News

Gay Star News had seven interested investors, three of which are now members on their board. Read more

Berry White

Berry White had numerous investors interested in the business. Read more


Foodity had 13 interested Angels on the night and had the full investment they were looking for within 3 months. Read more


CharityCheckout had 11 interested angels after pitching at SpeedFunding™ Event. Read more

Specky Four Eyes

Specky Four Eyes secured three Angel Investors from just one pitch! Read more


Mune’s Angel investor has made a real difference to the company, and they are already planning to take their business to the next level! Read more


The London Angel Club prove its worth as ParcelGenie has Angels falling over themselves to invest! Read more

Video Direct 

Video Direct were fortunate enough to secure their second round of funding through our London Angel Club... Read more

Boutique Modelling Agency

After attending their first SpeedFundingTM event, a boutique modelling agency had two keen Angels interested in investing. The Angels went through due diligence and then continued on to both invest. With the process taking a little over 3 months, the agency were happy to pass on thanks to their Regional Manager, saying

  "Once again thanks for all your hard work in helping us to secure the investment and grow our business". Read more

Blue Cow Yoga

Blue Cow Yoga proves that it’s not always about finding a new business idea, but an untapped market for that business... Read more

The Truffle Company

After travelling over from Spain to pitch at our London SpeedFundingTM event, The Truffle Company CEO was delighted that the trip had paid off and within weeks they had received their investment! Read more...

Just Refunds

With two investments secured via Angels Den so far, and two more in the pipeline, are well on their way to reaching the target investment needed to help drive their business forward. Read more...

My1Login Case Study

With a winning business concept, My1Login had no trouble securing their required investment! Read more...

Online Print Company Case Study

Within two short weeks Online Print Company had received the money they required, without having to give away any of the company... Read more

The Great Projects

The Great Projects offers uniquely crafted volunteer and adventure holidays with a meaningful element. Through Angels Den, they found an Angel who was keen to learn more about the business. The Angel has years of experience and over a dozen companies that he has turned around into a multimillion pound industry. Read more...

Front Up Rugby

Filling a gap in the market for fashionable, rugby-orentiated clothing targeted at the 16-24 male, Front Up Rugby caused a stir from the moment they loaded their Summary on the website. By the time they pitched at SpeedFunding they already had an Angel interested and swiftly closed the funding round within a few weeks. Read more

Craft Superstore

The slick implementation and experience of the Entrepreneur made this company stand out at SpeedFunding, attracting 8 Angels. There followed a dignified rush to be first past the post and investment was quickly secured. A great reminder that you don't need a novel idea, you just need to do it well.  Read more

Cipher Surgical Limited

After pitching at our Angel Club, Cipher Surgical secured their investment within a few short weeks! Read more

Kids Bee Happy Case Study

Kids Bee Happy is a Low Cost Franchise providing Sand Art parties to children at parties and events. Read more

Dice Room games

Providing gambling tables for Casinos, Dice Room games pitched for investment to secure a trial within a major UK Casino group. They secured an investor within 2 weeks of their pitch.


An Irish IT company, Stormagic came to pitch in London not once but twice and their perseverence paid off with a total of 8 interested investors, once of whom was selected to make the investment.

Big Print Media

Raising funds for an album for Laura Critchley, Big Print Media secured funding from a Midlands based investor who has since provided a lot of help and support.


An exciting new concept cafe in Soho, authentic bubbling tea, caught the interest of a charismatic Angel at SpeedFunding. The Angel had many interests and travels the world on his motorbike but still managed to find time to make the investment.

Lottit Group PLC

Lottit got more than just offers of investment when they pitched their business at a SpeedFundingTM event...Click here

GTE Consultants

Fighting back in difficult times, GTE Consultants are determined to up their game and be the best in their industry...Click here

City Golf

It took only a week for Angels Den to secure funding for a company that pitched at a SpeedFundingTM event in Singapore. City Golf received $430,000 (over £210,500) from a British Angel, who flew in specifically for the SpeedFundingTM event, from Portugal where he lives. Click here

Criminal Records Checked Ltd

After a successful pitch at SpeedFundingTM Criminal Records Checked were able to secure funding from a regular Angel investor...Click here

Logical Gadgets Ltd

Logical Gadgets Ltd proved a great success with Angels Den’s investors with its innovative multi charging product for phones, laptops, games consoles and MP3 players.Click here to find out how it happened and her experience...

Cranage Healthcare Ltd

When David Bryant, founder of Cranage Healthcare Ltd, decided to find an Angel investor he didn't just want a silent business partner with a cheque book, he wanted someone who would take an active role in the company and help to propel it to further success.Click here to find out how it happened and his experience...

Hog Roast

When Steve Cullum pitched to a room full of Angel investors, he didn’t know that 3½ weeks later the money he needed to take his business forward would be in the bank. Click here to find out how it all happened...

KPICommunity an internet based Performance Measurement tool, secured funding through Angels Den in just 12 short weeks. Click here to read how was their experience...


Eclector, who offer free, customisable, online bookstores for their clients, secured an investment from an Angel they met at an Angels Den SpeedFunding™ event.Click here to read how they achieved their funding.


Larosco’s revolutionary online recommendation marketing software, called BongoMagic was so innovative that Larosco had a degree of difficulty in explaining the business and investment benefits to funding sources. The initial investment required was also considered too small to qualify for some Angel groups. Read more here.

GetPro Basketball

GetPro is a new website for basketball players to showcase their talents to coaches and teams worldwide. Launching in February 2010 by founder Stephan Eyeson, it is the first of its kind in Europe and aims to provide a forum for basketball players across Europe and the USA to promote their skills and establish links with coaches across the globe.Click here to see how they achieved their funding.

Blue Tomato- foodie magazine

Blue Tomato, a stylish new ‘foodie’ magazine for London, launched in May 2009 with an injection of advice, support and backup from an Angels Den Angel.

Within 2 weeks of posting his business plan online, the founder, Darren Hassall, attended a SpeedFunding™ event, which he describes as a "brilliant, if nerve-wracking experience", where he attracted the interest of three Angel investors. After sealing the deal with the Angel investor, the second issue of Blue Tomato was produced in just a few short weeks. Read more here to find out how he raised the funding.

Historic Wrecks

Historic Wrecks dive for....historic wrecks not surprisingly! However validating and retrieving a wreck buried at the bottom of the sea, where you can't see 4 inches in from of your face, is no easy task and is expensive. Hence the divers have been back for 2 rounds of funding from Angels Den over the last couple of years and raised both without even coming to an event. Read more..

Airetrak - WiFi-based asset tracking

This company has developed a WiFi-based asset tracking solution which combats a key area of inefficiency and cost in many organisations. Since joining Angels Den in 2008 Airetrak has secured £100,000 of funding from an Angel investor that they met at a SpeedFunding event. Click here to find out how this happened.


Niggle - Small Business Feedback

Niggle is the brainchild of co-founders Paul Fisher & Helen Cammack, who identified a gap in the market for small businesses to collect and respond to customer feedback. Click here to see how they achieved their funding.

Yoodoo - for the next generation of entrepreneurs

Leading entrepreneur mentor Mike Southon joined forces with business expert Tony Heywood to found Yoodoo (, an exciting new website for start-ups. The overall concept is still under wraps but they promise it will deliver a “radically different and exciting entrepreneurship experience”. Click here to find out how this happened.

Novolytics - Saving Lives

This company is developing a life-saving cure for MRSA using a cream that is to be applied in hospitals. Developing medical products is not a cheap process so they decided to pitch for funding with Angels Den and found themselves in front of around 30 Angels in one night. Click here to find out how they got on.

Static Events

Static Events wanted to bring a US rap artist to the O2. They pitched on a Wednesday and happily secured an investor by the following Saturday. Read more

Useful Ventures Case Study

Useful Ventures (UV) is a series of complementary and inter-connected online businesses focused on the student market. Read more

PINoptic - 2 rounds of funding from one pitch

Ever wonder who is looking over your shoulder when you type in your PIN number? Once PINoptic's product hits the market it won't matter, they can watch all day and they still won't be able to crack the code! Read more here about how they pitched online only and got over 10 times the funding they requested, for just £500!

Read the stories of a selection of the businesses that have successfully raised funding through Angels Den. If you are inspired by what you read and would like to be part of the success stories of the future, register for free with Angels Den today. - Funding on a Beermat

Many of you will be familiar with Mike Southon's inspirational speaking about entrepreneurship, his column in the FT and his range of Beermat books. If so, read here how he got on pitching for funding to expand his business at one of our SpeedFunding events.

Urbanites and Scooters - The Darling of the Sunday Times

Recently featured in the Sunday Times, thanks to Angels Den, Victoria Atherton was lucky enough to pitch to a panel of Angels for free at the Business Yorkshire exhibition. She blew the panel away but, as often the case with a small panel, it wasn't the right investment for any of them. Fortunately she stayed on and the right Angel appeared at our SpeedFunding event later the same day.

Note: Not all businesses that have raised funding are featured on these pages due to the commercial sensitivity of the stage of their development.


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