Eclector CaseStudy

Eclector Books Case Study- Angels Den

William Pryor, Founder of Eclector Books  

Eclector, who offer free, customisable, online bookstores for their clients, secured an investment from an Angel they met at an Angels Den SpeedFunding™ event in September 2009.

William Pryor, Eclector’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, described SpeedFunding as an “exhausting” but “exhilarating” experience. After pitching to over a dozen angels, William aroused considerable interest from more than half the Angels present that night, one of whom invested.

“We are delighted with the investor that Angels Den helped bring on board,” said William. “He has given us a new injection of business acumen as he works with us to achieve our goals.”

Eclector is a builder of market places, initially with books, for its clients’ communities (including our bookshop at This business model offers organisations a risk-free opportunity to provide a valuable new service to their supporters and customers while providing them with a new income stream at no cost.

“With this injection of capital we have been able to reach many more clients and begin development of the next, self-build iteration of our platform,” said William.

Eclector sources its three million plus books from the largest wholesalers. Its clients include charities, businesses, voluntary groups, bloggers, schools and universities.


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