Edwards Wildman - Angels Den Partner

Angels Den offer a free Investment Agreement and legal documentation pack, prepared by our lawyers Edwards Wildman, and full instructions on how to close the round.

Edwards Wildman has a strong track record in the startup community, annually advising on hundreds of venture capital investments, and is committed to supporting entrepreneurs and early stage businesses.

By signing up as a client with Edwards Wildman, you will also become eligible to apply for their Helping Innovators Thrive (HIT) Programme. The HIT Programme is another innovative legal service provided by Edwards Wildman and designed to help early stage businesses receive essential legal advice as they develop. Under the HIT Programme, payment for certain legal fees is usually deferred until the business is in profit or has received a further significant round of funding. If neither of these happens (and there is no exit) then these deferred fees will not be payable. If the business does, however, become profitable or receives a further significant round of funding, the business only has to pay back the deferred fees that are due (with no interest or 'success' fee applied). Any business that has received funding through Angels Den will become automatically eligible for the HIT Programme.

Edwards Wildman and Angels Den are dedicated to helping innovators thrive and are proud to partner together. 

For more information about Edwards Wildman click here.

To read more about the HIT Programme, please click here.


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