Business Funding Clinics

We run regular sessions where we meet people for a quick half hour chat. We get them to explain a little about their business in an informal session and then tell them what they would need to do to get funding through us. We don’t give business advice or sit in judgement on what is and isn’t a good business, we give advice on how to get Angel Funding. For example this often this means sending people away to prove the model as a lot of people have plans for worldwide domination without having sold anything. If they are raising too much money to early this means they end up giving away too much of their business, so we try and encourage them to fund a smaller trial first and come back for full scale funding once they can demonstrate that they revenue and profit models work.

It’s a useful service and is much more effective than making people sit through general presentations on funding, when they usually have very specific questions.

If we feel they are credible and will attract Angels then we explain what they need to do to get funding with Angels Den and the best way to go about it.

We run Funding Clinics in conjunction with a number of Friends of Angels Den, including the British Library’s Business and IP Centre. For details of events in your area, please see the Entrepreneurs’ Business Funding Clinic schedule.


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