What is Angels Den all about?

Angels Den is probably the largest face-to face Angel network there is, with Regional Managers across the UK, Singapore, Asia and Middle East busy finding entrepreneurs and Business Angels and bringing them together.

Our approach is fast, friendly and pragmatic. We don’t send people on 3-month investment readiness courses, or make them wait months for our credit committee to approve them, we get them in front of Angels as soon as we possibly can. There is no better way to get funding than to meet Angels face to face. Angels can be really choosy about Business Plans but when they meet a person and get inspired by their dedication and vision, they will work with them to iron out the rough spots and invest their time and money generously.

However we don’t waste people’s time by giving false hope to people with crazy valuations or with businesses that clearly can’t be scaled to the point that an Angel can exit. Therefore a core part of our processing is meeting and screening every business owner before they pitch at our Business Funding Clinics.

If you help growing businesses, as a lawyer, accountant, marketing specialist, advisor, intermediary or in any other capacity, you will know that businesses grow faster when they are properly funded. Businesses with enough cash to make their Business Plan a reality can also afford to pay your fees, so if you know of a business who is stuck for cash but has a realistic vision of future profit, please introduce them to us so we can help them get the funding they need. If you’re not sure whether they are right for funding we can either talk to them ourselves or you can run the concept past us in confidence first. We are bound by the Privacy Statement in our Terms and Conditions.

We have over a thousand people in the community that supports Angels Den and in fact most of our business is through referrals. We really appreciate their help and always try to do a great job for their clients. So why not join them? Sign up for our newsletter to keep abreast of what is going on with Angels Den, get to know your local Regional Manager, start spreading the word and together, let’s get those business funded.


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